about us

Mechsoft has a clear belief that, Information Technology is meant to add intellect, transparency and integrity, to any aspect of life, whether business, education or governance.

We know Information Technology cannot be an isolated service, and has to integrate with the process/ flow/ business of any domain. Unless the whole business intellect is not available to the Information team, it is impossible to create true value. Information Technology is not mere conversion of writing to books or writing to database. Our solutions need to add value to business, add discipline to processes, and give options for free expansion and imagination.

To make digital automation a success, sometimes Mechsoft has got involved in the business in partner mode, so there is transparency and serious contribution.

|| Vision ||

To take Information Technology close to Human Intellect. Adding Intellect,
Transparency & Integrity to any aspect of life … Business, Education or Governance!

दुरितांचे तिमिर जावो । विश्व स्वधर्म सूर्यें पाहो । जो जे वांच्छिल तो तें लाहो । प्राणिजात ॥

May the darkness of ignorant disappear| May the universe see the Sun of Self-consciousness|
May whatsoever aspirations be fulfilled – Of all living beings!

|| Mission ||

To enable our clients/ customers to achieve Business efficiency Helping them to

  • Increase Control

  • Reduce Costs, and leakages

  • Increase Profitability

To reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and increase ROI (Return of Investment) for our Customers.

100% Customer Satisfaction with Quality Deliverables.


Unique Services

Most Innovative Solutions to Problems!

Here are some samples of how Mechsoft gives smart solutions/ unique ideas to solve problems, to increase business & to save costs.

Software Rescue Operation!

Ever felt you are losing time or productivity because of Bad Software Infrastructure? Let our intellect blocks connect your disconnected software infrastructure.

Start-Ups Tech Mentoring/ Investment

Many times startups have good ideas, but there are many other aspects needed for success Here is how we help.



What differentiates Mechsoft from others is the approach towards Clients as Partners and Value Addition giving a Rich Customer Experience. Our business is based on client relationship that is driven by Values, Trust, and Commitment towards shared goals...

Product Development

Mechsoft has done projects successfully for clients from various parts of world. A big chunk of this work has been Product Development, and Mechsoft can say that we have experience and expertise in product development...

Project Consultancy

The success of any project is not just doing technology as per needs! We add immense value in terms of Business understanding, Process corrections, Risk analysis and mitigation, and innovative concepts to achieve best results!


Best Returns on Human Capital Investment!

Manage your human capital in the best way, and rest of resources will take care of themselves!!! Ladders HR, an end-to-end Human Resource Management System to manage complete Employee Life Cycle. A complete Human Resource Management and optimization tool covering all aspects of the Human Resources/ Human Capital right from selection, nurturing, evaluating, maturing to retirement. Read more

Service Workflow Management

Complete end-to-end process of service management in any organization. It automates the service request workflows and acts as a backbone for all the service support processes besides minimizing the process and human errors. Covers optimization, allocation, SLA management, Support knowledge base. Read more

Enterprise Information and Communication Management System

EICMS manages the flow of information, and Communication of the Organization, for the optimal performance. This is the most important aspect that makes your business in to a success! EICMS adds intellect and discipline to communication, and reads intelligently from the flow of information of the organization. Read more

Intelligent Extension to any Application or Enterprise System

Allow your Enterprise system to adapt to changing business logic and newer scenarios. It is a versatile solution with help of which your applications will become much more powerful, without doing an any major coding or redesigning. Simple script adapted to your domain to define rules. Read more